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The MD-360 Equity Report—A History in the Affairs of MannKind’s Revolutionary Diabetes Treatment

Editor NotesWe are long on MNKD as of the publication of this article back in June 2014. We sold out our stock a while back, but continue to be confident in this thesis. In 2013, we wrote our first PRO article on Mannkind through Seeking Alpha. The stock had appreciated more than 40 percent since our publication. We strongly believe that the company is still highly undervalued, based on conservative valuation models and the upcoming catalysts. The aforesaid firm is one of the most powerful biopharmaceuticals among hundreds we studied. Last but not least, this is an ongoing work to be updated as time permits. We recently increased our purchase to help fight the shorting on a firm that is delivering a lifesaving therapeutic.

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Crusade on Wall Street: Is That Too Much To Ask? Is It Beyond Our Reach?

Editor notes: We will update this article with pertinent information, in the coming days. Also, we know that Mr. Ackman is out there, crusading on Wall Street and doing God’s work: The holy ground is here at 360. And while a manager can be proud of making making money by studying people natural stupidity, there is nothing wrong with that. Nonetheless, no fortune can go with anyone to the grave. We also noted, to err is human yet to look down on folks is arrogant and egotistical per se. With that, we find value in helping to deliver life saving medicine to patients, to protect genuine investors and firms worldwide, and to pay tribute to esteemed gurus as well as to fight stocks fomentation.

At the witnessing Wall Street giant hedge funds that are shorting MannKind Corporation, a Valencia-based biopharmaceuticals that focuses the innovation of life saving therapeutics to treat diabetes, we noticed that the market is plagued by a pandemic. In this day and age, manipulation is the name and fomentation is the game.

The full article is available at this link.

Fonar Corporation: Stellar Earnings, Great Technologies, And New Developments


On Tuesday, Dec 31st, 2013, shares of Fonar Corporation (NASDAQ:FONR) closed at $19.87, up by more than 9% within one month and more than 388% within the past year. FONR currently has a market capitalization of $135 million and a P/E of 16, and P/CF of 11. The increasing shares prices momentum triggered me to feature FONR in this “recent movers report.”

Source: Finviz

The Company

Fonar Corporation “FONAR” is a Delaware incorporated company, headquartered in Melville, New York. The company engages in the business of “designing, manufacturing, selling, and servicing of the magnetic resonance (MRI) scanner to private physician imaging centers and hospitals.”  FONAR’s businesses consist of the following subsidiaries: the diagnostic centers management, and the manufacturing and sales of MRI scanners. FONAR operates its diagnostic centers management via Management Corporation of America (HMCA), which is a wholly owned subsidiary company. HMCA provides management services including “administrative services, billing and collection services, office space, equipment, repair, maintenance service to hospitals and physicians.”

The Company’s MRI manufacturing and sales subsidiary features the OPEN SKY MRI® SCAN room and the Upright® multi-MRI Scanner. The OPEN SKY MRI® SCAN room alleviates claustrophobia that limits conventional MRIs’ usefulness, offers stunning landscape murals and creates a feeling of openness, tranquility, and patients or users friendliness. For instance, some murals even offer cartoons and nursery rhymes for children.

Source: FONAR

The Upright multi-positions MRI (Upright® MRI) scanner can scan patients in weight-bearing positions such as standing, sitting, or bending.  The weight-bearing positions elicit the symptoms associated with the patient’s chief complaints; thus, enabling this scanner to detect pathology more accurately than a conventional MRI scanner does … especially in patients who have negative MRI results yet remain symptomatic. Besides, the Upright MRI also offers other advantages.

Source: FONAR, UCLA Landmark Study

Recent Developments

On March , 2013, HMCA acquired a 50% controlling interest in Health Diagnostic Management, LLC (“HDM”). This strategic expansion increased the company’s total Upright MRI centers under management from 11 to 23 centers. According to Doctor Damadian, President and Chairman, “By combining the resources of HMCA and HDM, we will enjoy the benefits of economies of scale, shared administrative and technical expertise and capabilities, and joint marketing strategies.”

Current Financials

On Friday November , 2013, FONAR reported revenue of $16.8 million and net income of $3.6 million in its first quarter of fiscal year 2014. In comparison to the same period a year prior, net income and revenue markedly increased by 77% and a 104%, respectively. Moreover, the diluted earnings per share (“EPS”) for the reporting period were $0.37, representing 68% increased.  Raymond Damadian, M.D., FONAR’s President and Chairman, attributed these stellar earnings to the landmark HDM acquisitions.

In term of FONAR’s subsidiaries, HMCA earned $14.3 million, which is a 149% increased from the same quarter a year prior. Contrary to HMCA’s stellar performance during the same time, MRI sales were $28,000, decreasing from $1 million and representing 97.3% declined. The company believes that the declined in MRI sales is due to continuing worldwide economic uncertainties as well as tightening of credits. Most clients purchase MRI on credits, and the tightening of credits hinders MRI purchasing activity.


FONAR’s competitors include large companies such as General Electric, Siemens, Hitachi, Phillips and Toshiba. FONAR believes that larger competitors achieve greater market penetration in MRI sales due to their name recognition, larger sale forces and attractive financing terms.

Insiders Ownership And Insider Transactions

FONAR has 2.08% insider ownerships, and the company has only one insider selling during the 2013 fiscal year. On June 20th, 2013, Doctor Damadian sold 4,000 shares directly to the market at the price of $6.18 for a total value of $24,720.

FONAR’s Key Highlights

  1. The company’s aggressive growth resulting from the expansion of its diagnostic management centers subsidiary (“HMCA”).
  2.  Earlier this year, HMCA nearly doubled its Upright MRI centers to 23 under management.
  3. The expansion of HMCA allows the company to enjoy  straight quarterly earnings increase.
  4. No significant Insiders ownership or transaction

Final Remarks

FONAR’s Upright Multi-Position MRI is revolutionary for its user-friendliness, in addition to other intrinsic properties.  Given FONAR’s innovative technologies and recent developments and the increasing shares price momentum, I strongly believe that FONAR is an attractive investment.

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