Crusade on Wall Street: Is That Too Much To Ask? Is It Beyond Our Reach?

Editor notes: We will update this article with pertinent information, in the coming days. Also, we know that Mr. Ackman is out there, crusading on Wall Street and doing God’s work: The holy ground is here at 360. And while a manager can be proud of making making money by studying people natural stupidity, there is nothing wrong with that. Nonetheless, no fortune can go with anyone to the grave. We also noted, to err is human yet to look down on folks is arrogant and egotistical per se. With that, we find value in helping to deliver life saving medicine to patients, to protect genuine investors and firms worldwide, and to pay tribute to esteemed gurus as well as to fight stocks fomentation.

At the witnessing Wall Street giant hedge funds that are shorting MannKind Corporation, a Valencia-based biopharmaceuticals that focuses the innovation of life saving therapeutics to treat diabetes, we noticed that the market is plagued by a pandemic. In this day and age, manipulation is the name and fomentation is the game.

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